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General Oral and Poster Abstracts

Abstract Submission Instructions & Guidelines

Please read the following instructions on how to prepare your abstract and use the Oxford Abstracts Submission System to submit, edit or withdraw an abstract for the Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) 2018 Conference. This call relates to General Oral and Poster Abstract submissions.

Register as a User in the Oxford Abstract System

Click on the link below to access the General Oral and Poster Abstract submission system. The system will automatically prompt you with a message to register your details if you have not yet done so.

  1. Enter your name, surname and email and choose a password.
  2. Enter any other personal information such as address, phone number, post nominal/s (degrees) etc.
  3. You will be sent an email confirming your password to access the abstract submission system.


  • Abstract submissions close midnight (AEST) on Monday 14 May 2018
  • All presenters must be registered to attend the conference. Abstract acceptance will be subject to registration for the conference. If your abstract is accepted for a presentation, you will need to register by no later than Monday 2 July 2018. Presenters who fail to register by the due date risk having their presentation removed from the program.
  • Please remember that submitting an abstract does NOT automatically register you as a conference delegate. Conference registration can be completed online at a later date.
  • All communications about your abstract will be sent to the email address you submit.
  • ADC encourages everyone referring to and about people with diabetes to be mindful of the power of language. When writing your abstract and preparing your presentation, please refer to the Diabetes Australia Position Statement “A new language for diabetes: Improving communications with and about people with diabetes”.

Submit an Abstract

The conference offers a text-based submission form where you will be required to enter the information regarding your abstract, such as title, authors, biography, etc. Submitting an abstract is a multi-step process:

  • Ensure that you have a copy of your abstract file on hand so that you can copy/paste the information easily into the text-based submission form’s fields.
  • Your abstract is to be one paragraph of no more than 300 words.
  • Go to the Oxford Abstract Submission System Log In page.
  • Enter your email address and the password you chose when you first registered as a user.
  • Click the “log in” button and you will be taken to a screen from which the submission process starts.
  • If you are submitting an individual abstract click on “Click here to make a new submission”.
  • Please read the instructions on this screen carefully. Please follow the steps below and click “Next” to go to the next page.


Enter the title and abstract text, by either copy/pasting from your word file or typing in the information. Remember there is a 50-word limit for the title, and 300-word limit for the abstracts.  Click “Next” to continue.

Abstract Title (Max. 50 Words): The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to indicate clearly the nature of the abstract. If you wish to include a subtitle, it must be included in this field and included in the 50-word limit.

Abstract Body (Max. 300 words): Any abstracts exceeding the word limit will not be accepted.

  • References are not required. If you wish to include them, they must be included in the body of your abstract and included in the 300-word count.
  • Special symbols and formatting are to be used sparingly. Once your submission is complete, please read your abstract in full to ensure the symbols are displayed correctly, and if not, please click on the “Insert Symbol” icon on the screen to see the list of available symbols.
  • Do not use tables or figures.

Ensure your abstract is print ready.


Enter information about the authors and affiliation/s (Affiliations refer to any university, foundation, institution or organisation such as a workplace that is affiliated with your abstract submission. You are only required to add your affiliation/s if applicable. If you do not have any affiliations, please mark N/A in each field and add your country of residence in the ‘Country’ field). Click “Next” to continue.

Presenters: The system will allow you to nominate one or more presenters, which can be yourself (the person submitting the abstract) and/or any other of the authors.

You MUST enter the names of all presenters here (including yourself if you are a presenter) in the order in which you wish them to appear in the printed text. Names omitted here will NOT be printed in the presenter index or the final program. Please ensure the spelling of their names and affiliations (if applicable) is correct.


Select your category group from the below list and then your preferred presentation format. You will be asked to select if you wish your abstract to be reviewed for an oral and/or a poster presentation. Please note that your selection is a guide only for the committee. The POC will recommend accepted abstracts to be presented either as an oral presentation or as a poster. There are always more submissions for the oral sessions than can be fitted in the available program slots. We encourage you to be prepared to produce a poster if your abstract is accepted and recommended by the POC accordingly.


01 Epidemiology
02 Genetics of type 1 diabetes
03 Genetics of type 2 diabetes
04 Monogenic forms of diabetes
05 Environmental factors (viruses, nutrients, toxins)
06 Diabetes epigenetics
07 Prediction and prevention of type 1 diabetes
08 Prediction of type 2 diabetes
09 Prevention of type 2 diabetes
10 Risk of diabetes in immigrant populations

11 Developmental biology, pancreas
12 Stem cells and beta cell generation
13 Transcriptional regulation and protein synthesis, pancreas
14 Insulin secretion in vitro and exocytosis
15 Beta cell signal transduction
16 Beta cell damage, degeneration and apoptosis
17 Experimental immunology and animal models of type 1 diabetes
18 Clinical immunology
19 Inflammatory mediators in the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes
20 Pancreas and islet transplantation

21 Insulin action
22 Insulin sensitivity and resistance
23 Insulin secretion in vivo
24 Gastro-entero pancreatic factors
25 Other hormones
26 Glucose transport
27 Carbohydrate metabolism
28 Protein metabolism
29 Exercise physiology

30 Inflammation in type 2 diabetes
31 Animal models of type 2 diabetes
32 Lipid metabolism
33 Adipose tissue biology and adipocytokines
34 Inflammation in obesity
35 Animal models of obesity
36 Weight regulation and obesity
37 Brain metabolism

38 Nutrition and diet
39 Oral therapies: secretagogues
40 Oral therapies: metformin, sensitizers and other non-secretagogues
41 SGLT inhibitors
42 Incretin based therapies
43 Novel agents

44 Insulin therapy
45 Devices
46 Hypoglycaemia
47 Health care delivery
48 Education
49 Psychological aspects
50 Socio-economic aspects

51 Pregnancy
52 Neuropathy: somatic
53 Neuropathy: autonomic, incl. erectile dysfunction
54 Diabetic foot and skin disorders
55 Retinopathy
56 Nephropathy
57 Hypertension

58 Cardiac complications
59 Macrovascular disease
60 Pathogenic mechanisms / complications
61 Dyslipidaemia, lipoproteins
62 Endothelium
63 Animal models with complications
64 Other complications
65 Diabetes in childhood
66 Cancer
67 Cognitive dysfunction and Alzheimer Disease
68 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)


Provide biographies for all presenters which will be used by the Session Chair to introduce your presentation. This is limited to 150 words.


Confirm that there is no conflict of interest and that all presenters will be registered to attend the Congress.


Select the Award you want to be considered for, if applicable.

  • Best Oral Presentation
  • Best Novice Oral Presentation
  • Best Poster Presentation
  • Best Novice Poster Presentation
  • DAA Dietetic Research Prize
  • ADS Pincus-Taft Young Investigator Award
  • ADS President’s Clinical Young Investigator Award
  • Basic Science Poster Award
  • Clinical Research Poster Award


We required your permission to publish your Abstract and PowerPoint, which will be converted into a PDF document, on the Congress Website, Congress APP and printed material. Please note that you can submit an edited version of your PowerPoint should some of the content not be suitable for publication.


If you have answered all of the mandatory questions then your abstract will be assigned a reference number and you will be taken to a summary page.

Required Fields: Some fields are marked “Required”. The system will not accept your abstract until these questions have been answered. If you have not answered all the mandatory questions, your abstract will be held in temporary storage until you return later and complete all the questions.

Word Limit: Please note the system will not accept fields that exceed the word limit, and will not allow you to continue once the word limit is met.

Once all of the above steps have been completed,

  • Click on the Abstract Title within the summary page to check all the details of your submission are correct. This will open your submission so that you can edit if required.
  • You will be sent a confirmation email with your submission reference number.
  • Abstract submitters will be notified of the submission outcome via email to the email address provided when creating your profile. Notifications of abstract acceptance will be sent to all submitters by Friday 15 June 2018.
Abstracts submitted in hard copy will not be accepted. Only abstracts submitted via the online Oxford Abstracts Submissions System will be accepted and reviewed.
Submit an Abstract

Key Dates

ADEA Symposia, Masterclasses and Workshop Submissions
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ADC Registration
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ADC General Oral and Poster Submissions
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ADEA Symposia, Masterclasses and Workshop Applicant Notification
14 February 2018

ADEA Symposia, Masterclasses and Workshop Acceptance Deadline
21 February 2018

ADC General Oral and Poster Submissions Close
14 May 2018

ADC General Oral and Poster Submission Notifications
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Registration Deadline for all Presenters
2 July 2018

Early Bird Registration Closes
2 July 2018

Congress Dates
22-24 August 2018

We recommend that you share the summary with the other presenters so they can check that their names and affiliations are correctly listed and spelt.

Submitting more than one Abstract

If you are submitting more than one abstract, please use the same email address and password for each abstract. Click the ‘New Submission’ button on the summary page to submit a new abstract. Please follow the same steps as above to complete the submission.

Editing or Amending an Abstract

You may wish to change your answers to some of the questions on the submission form, or even to change the abstract itself.

  1. Log back into the submission system.
  2. You will see the list of abstracts that you have submitted so far. Click on the abstract that you wish to change.
  3. Edit the fields you want to change. The process of amending an abstract is the same as the original submission process, except that the fields will already be populated with your previous entries – you don’t have to change an answer if you don’t want to.
  4. Click “Finish”
  5. You will be sent an email confirming that your abstract has been amended – provided you have answered all the mandatory questions.

Withdrawing an Abstract

If you want to withdraw an abstract, please contact the Conference Office in writing via email to Please note that withdrawals need to be communicated in writing by the author who originally submitted the abstract, and in doing so, the Conference Office assumes that all other authors/presenters have been informed of the withdrawal.

Submit an Abstract